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Frequently Asked Questions
about the MTS Service for AES IntelliNet Networks running on Multinet Receivers

  1. Hardware? Software? Installation?
    MTS is a standalone or cloud based suite of software services running on a dedicated windows virtual machine.  An MTS Agent hardware module is installed on the network along side your Multinet Receivers which provides a secure non-intrusive data conduit between the Multinet Receiver and the MTS Server.
  2. How does MTS collect data?
    Communication between the MTS Server and your MultiNet Receiver is initiated by an MTSAgent hardware module. The MTSAgent module establishes a secure VPN connection to your dedicated MTS Server and a secure SSH session to your Multinet Receiver to facilitate the transfer of radio network related information to the MTS Server.
  3. How does this affect our Central Station Automation Software?
    An MTS Server does NOT change the way your MultiNet Receiver interfaces with your automation software. MTS does not affect normal AES Network traffic or communications and can be disabled at any time with without impacting normal operations.
  4. How do the radios get Mapped?
    You can update a radio's address or lat/lon individually or import them.  Typically you want to have all of your radios geocoded for analysis purposes on the map.  Geocoding is not necessary for general reports and and statistics.
  5. Can I query and control radios from MTS?
    Yes! Send messages to and from radios as if you were using IPCtrl, but much quicker and in less steps. No more messages scrolling off the IPCtrl screen before you can read them.  Control and configure IntelliTaps, IntelliPro and some other features no longer available from AES.
  6. Is MTS for a Startup network or an Established network?
    MTS is IDEAL for building out a new BURG or FIRE network from scratch. BURG radios allow full control of repeaters and transmitters at all times. MTS is desiged for New and Existing networks.
  7. How does MTS compare to AES's MNS product?
    NMS is a good way to determine if you overall network is in "good health", according to NMS.  MTS is designed to be a daily tool for the Installer in the field to the Network Manager in the office.  The Field Tech can request peers and status from the phone browser while the Manager can view individual radios, ip links groups, or an entire business unit to make sure traffic is flowing as expected.  The Service Manager and view radios with troubles on the map to efficiently schedule service calls while servicing other accounts in an area.

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