ASI Communications, Inc. provides WHOLESALE product and services to Licensed Security and Fire Alarm Installers in the U.S.

MultiNet Tools & Services (MTS)

for AES IntelliNet(tm) Networks

MTS provides access to your AES Radio data from your PC, Tablet, Smart Phone or other browser capable device.

Monitor the connectivity of all radios on your AES network to identify non-compliant radios and hidden problems that may cause trouble. Many of these problems are undetectable using IPCtrl. MTS Provides many reports to point out radios having and causing problems.

The MTS Real Time Mapping features provide Live visualizations and interaction with all radios and radio traffic.

How do you know if your network is "up to speed"?

MTS is always communicating with the MultiNet Server. The MTS Dashboard provides a real-time view of current traffic and the most active radios and Ack Delaying radios.

The Dashboard also displays status and traffic statistics for all of your IP Links.

The MTS Dashboard and IP Link Status is always available on your PC, Smart Phone, or Tablet device.

New IP Link Groups allow you to analyze your network geographically by IP Links grouped within a Business Unit.

More radio details than you can shake a programmer at with real-time outbound programming and requests and inbound updates.

Fequently Asked Questions
MTS v7.7 User Guide (HTML)

MTS provides Technicians with very useful tools and information for troubleshooting site problems.

Central Stations running MultiNet Servers can use this as an additial form of MRR by re-selling access to these tools to your Dealers who have their own Business Units.

An MTS system for one MultiNet Receiver Installation (Primary and Backup Servers) is comprised of a suite of applications and services running on a dedicated Virtual Machine hosted, maintained, and updated by ASI Communications, Inc..

MTS was developed by and is used by ASI Communications, Inc. who also owns and operates a Wholesale Alarm Monitoring Center (Arizona Security Control) for Dealers in Arizona and providing an AES IntelliNet radio network for it's Dealers who utilize MTS on a daily basis.

MTS has been tested on networks from 200 to 6000 radios without any additional impact on the MultiNet Receiver. MTS requires less resources then a single VNC Session for a Business Unit and can provide service for any number of Business Units on a MultiNet Receiver.

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